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Feature Based CAD Translation

Proficiency is a feature-based translation solution enabling the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems, such as geometry, features, sketches, manufacturing information, metadata, assembly information and drawings in the conversion process. Accurate and usable models are achieved with up to 95% automation. Proficiency also provides a CAD completion wizard to help users improve the automated results. 

Proficiency offers automated reporting, including feature Q/A validation, transaction records, and integration with CADIQ (for source-to-target validation and downstream usability analysis). This reporting allows design teams to understand issues related to their modeling practices such as which techniques and features are most or least portable, robust or standard. With this knowledge, designers can leverage the full power of their CAD tool without generating models limited by the peculiarities of one particular system or representation. The Proficiency solution is packaged as a scalable web-based server and may be integrated as part of a PLM workflow or embedded in an interoperability automation solution (i.e. DEXcenter).

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Feature Based CAD Translation

Feature Based CAD Translation

With Proficiency, high quality CAD models are translated without losing their workability or manufacturing data. The process not only preserves the design history, but more importantly adds value by removing old issues embedded in the original model and extracting additional added value from a CAD migration or conversion. This results in fully functional models in the target CAD systems, which retain the original product knowledge while providing a reliable basis for further development.

Streamline your CAD migration to the following:

  • V5 (From CATIA V4, NX, I-deas, Pro/E, Solid Edge or Inventor)
  • NX (From CATIA V4, V5, I-deas or Pro/E, Solid Edge or Inventor)
  • Pro/E (From CATIA V4, V5, NX or I-deas, Solid Edge or Inventor)

To learn more, please visit our Feature Based CAD Translation Solution Page.

Associative Drawing / Draw to PMI

Associative Drawing Translations

Proficiency also supports the migration of native associative drawings. The translation of associative drawings allows for the migration of linked 2D and 3D data in one automated procedure.

Supported CAD systems include:

  • CATIA V4 (from)
  • Inventor (from)
  • Solid Edge (from)
  • CATIA V5 (from and to)
  • NX (from and to)

Draw to PMI

Proficiency’s Drawing to PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) translation module extracts dimensions, tolerances, annotations, etc. from associative legacy drawings and converts them to the corresponding 3D PMI equivalents that are attached directly to the 3D model.

The user can review and correct the exchanged PMI as necessary with an enhanced, state-of-the-art PMI Completion Wizard, which operates as a plug-in and tracks and validates any manual changes.

Draw to PMI


Legacy Data Conversion

Legacy CAD Data Migration

The Proficiency Feature Based migration solution retains all design intelligence when migrating to a new CAD system or consolidating into one. Designers access legacy data whenever it is required, and reuse existing designs regardless of the source CAD system. Designers are able to spend more time designing, and less time recreating or re-mastering past designs. The result is improved time-to-market, reduced development costs, more time for innovation and higher product quality.

Our experts will guide you through the steps necessary to create a successful migration plan, such as helping you determine whether all of the data needs to be moved now, and whether you will need the ability down the road. We will help you identify the best ways to establish a repeatable process, as well as perform the following:

  • Audit customer data – assessing quality, complexity
  • Define re-usability requirements
  • Define the required translation levels according to the re-usability requirements
  • For each translation level - define the translation process, estimate data volume and translation effort
  • Define PDM data extraction and insertion needs and process
  • Define quality levels and acceptance criteria

Migrating to a new CAD system requires in-depth analysis preparation and a complete understanding of your future needs. Since many migrations are one time experiences, the expertise to effectively achieve the best results may not be within your organization. Contact us today for a preliminary consultation.

To learn more, please visit our Legacy Data Migration Solution Page.

Supplier Delivery

Supplier Delivery

One of the many challenges manufacturing suppliers face is the need to meet native product delivery requirements set by OEMs, Partners or Prime Contractors. ITI TranscenData consultants can help design a cost-effective and thorough supplier delivery process. Our Supplier Delivery solution enables feature-based, native CAD files to meet product delivery requirements Appropriate native translations can be accomplished in multi-CAD environments including CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Pro/E, NX, I-deas, Solid Edge and Inventor. The solution integrates with all major PLM solutions, complete with automated batch exchange, business logic driven rules and audit and verification reports.

You can cost effectively deliver designs that meet your customer specifications while protecting your IP. As a supplier you can bid on opportunities based on your design expertise without concern to specific product data delivery requirements and not limited by their CAD system. With the ability to load balance designers you are able to reduce down time and improve productivity.

To learn more, please visit our Supplier CAD Data Collaboration Solution Page.


Proficiency Collaboration Gateway V11.0, December, 2012

Highlights of the new release include:

  • New CAD Agent - Solid Edge
    • Supports export of 3D and 2D data from the ST3 and ST5 versions.
    • Supports parametric 3D parts and assemblies including solid and surfacing features, history, sketches, constraints and metadata.
    • Supports associative 2D drawings (ST5 only).
  • Enhanced CAD Agent - Inventor
    • Enhanced and improved associative 2D drawing support
    • Added support for assembly constraints, sketch relations and constraints, multi-location holes, feature verification and fallback per feature.
  • New CAD Versions
    • Added support for UG NX 8 including Completion Wizards
    • Added support for CATIA V5 R22, including Completion Wizard and DrawtoPMI

  • Complete CADIQ Integration including Job History and API

The new version includes many other automatic data exchange feature support enhancements for Inventor, NX, Pro/E and CATIA V5.

For Proficiency support and detailed release documents, please go to the Proficiency Support Page.